The People Behind Elevate

About The Elevate Family:

The Founder Gavin Garay is a professional baseball player with the New York Met's. The reason Gavin founded Elevate was because he wants to share a vision he has for Elevate. Gavin's vision for Elevate is that he wants to empower people to chase there dream's and to do everything they can to achieve there goals and take risk's to do so. That's where our slogan Elevate Your Lifestyle comes from. It doesn't mean to chase money or materialistic things but instead it means to live the life that you want to live and do the things to reach your goals so you can live your dream life. Quote from Gavin himself "Elevate is more than just clothes and shoes it's about creating something special and spreading a positive image that inspires people to chase there dreams.".

Co Owner Sean Delaney is a former scholarship basketball player and current college student at Western Connecticut State University. The reason Sean partnered up with Gavin is because they are best friends who have shared the same vision throughout the duration of their friendship. Seans vision for Elevate means more than a clothing brand, when his basketball career ended to multiple knee surgeries, he fell into depression. Elevate and the vision behind Elevate is what got him out of that depression. It offers  not only a new business opportunity, but a new mindset. A mindset of Elevating and attacking every task as best as you can, no matter how small of a task. Elevate got Sean back on his feet, and motivated him to chase his dreams and do what he love's regardless of what other people think. Quote from Sean himself “Elevate on the outside is high end clothes and top of the line shoes, but at the core of Elevate, its a brand that inspires people at all ages to block out the outside noise, and to attack their dreams.".

More on Elevate's team and ambassadors coming soon.

Elevate is guided by three key principles. 

  • To remain unique, innovative and ahead.
  • Ensure and maintain superior quality in each product.
  • Strict attention to details, the fit, and cut of each piece.

The Fit:

Each piece chosen goes through a selective process ensuring the highest quality. Throughout the manufacturing and designing process, each cut and angle is heavily scrutinized to maintain our high standards and ensure a comfortable and durable piece. 


Fabrics & Materials:

All fabrics and materials used are of the best and highest quality without compromise. We make sure we use the highest grade cotton possible with the tightest and soft blends possible.


We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that the production process is undergone and completed in accordance with our high standards. We do not compromise on a single piece, thus we ensure that every piece created lives up to what we stand for. Additionally, we ensure that we will ship out the products rapidly as orders are place.